Helping you to put the pieces together to light your way

A mosaic of glass. Various hues, arranged to create an appealing design. Balanced. Artistic. Integrated. Illuminating. Like the artwork, Mosaic Consulting can put the pieces together to light your way.

Succession planning. Discord in the family business. Preparations for a sale or joint venture. Unwinding a partnership.

The challenges facing most businesses rarely fall neatly into the disciplines of the professionals available to help. And every challenge takes shape in a web of relationships, among employees, partners, shareholders and family members.

Mosaic plans, manages and leads complex projects for midsize companies that involve a mix of legal, financial and relationship issues. Most mid-size companies do not have the resources in-house to address these challenges. They face a bewildering array of professional service providers as they patch together a team of lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, brokers, estate planners and financial and business consultants. This makeshift team of multiple providers can be costly. Managing them can be time-consuming. All too often, key elements fall between the cracks. The challenge may be pushed to the side, forgotten or poorly executed.

Mosaic Consulting integrates and manages the professional services required to handle a complex challenge. The result is outcomes that better meet your needs and goals. Your company’s management team stays focused on existing operations. Your time and that of expensive outside professionals is used more efficiently. You receive higher quality services that generate faster and more satisfying results—usually at a lower cost.

Client challenges

Succession Planning

How long can I keep doing this? Am I the right one to lead the business now?   If I leave the business, who will run it?  Should this business stay in the family?  Would this be good for my kids?  Too often, when it comes to planning for the future, these critical questions are ignored in favor of tax considerations and other financial and legal concerns.  With Mosaic, the financial and legal concerns will not be ignored.  Rather, they will be considered in service to the task of understanding the role of the business in the story of your life and in light of your most deeply held commitments.  With this perspective, a succession plan can address your needs and your aspirations.

Joint Ventures & Partnerships

The success of a joint venture or other partnership depends on the quality of the relationship between the parties.  Trust, clear expectations and commitment—these qualities are crucial.  A business plan and a written agreement are necessary, but without a relationship with these qualities, the most detailed business plan and the most elaborate agreement will be worthless.  Mosaic can lead the parties through a process to develop this relationship—or determine that one is not possible—and coordinate the preparation of a business plan and agreement that will create the best chances for success.

Family Businesses

Every family business presents a difficult mix of vital relationships and business pressures. Sometimes the relationships and the business pressures come together in ways that benefit both.  The relationships become deeper and richer because of the common involvement in the business, and the business prospers because of the commitment and values of the family.  But all too often in a family business, family commitments and aspirations cast a shadow over the prospects of the business.  And sometimes, the two into direct conflict with other.  With its comprehensive approach, Mosaic can help you deal with the legal, financial and emotional challenges and devise workable solutions. 

Preparations For Sale

If you are considering the sale of your business, a broker or investment banker is the right choice most of the time. But in some cases, these professionals can’t or won’t help. Characteristics of the business make a sale too difficult or risky. Maybe the legal structure of the business makes a deal difficult. Or the business includes assets or liabilities that make it unattractive to a buyer. Perhaps not all the shareholders agree. These situations usually involve a challenging mix of legal, financial and relationship issues for which Mosaic is especially well-suited. With Mosaic’s help, the situation can be addressed and the full value of the business can be realized.

Unwinding A Relationship

Few things last forever—especially when it comes to business. At some point in the history of most partnerships, a partner leaves or a new partner is introduced. In some cases, the partners have planned for this possibility. In many, they have not. A dense web of financial, legal and relationship issues must be untangled and rearranged to reflect the new relationship. Of course, much more is at stake than just a financial arrangement. Friendships, personal commitments and a way of life can change when the partnership ends. With Mosaic’s involvement, these relationships can be ended with grace and good will.

View a list of selected projects

  • Led negotiations on behalf of state Attorney General to settle dispute over use of charitable gifts totaling more than $400 million.
  • Advised a regional financial services firm in the creation of a joint venture with a regional accounting firm.
  • Consulted with affluent family and the management team of its family office to identify strategic options for the future of the family office and began implementation of the chosen strategy.
  • Advised 4th generation family business on succession planning and relationship issues.
  • Aided company in an effort to acquire clinical investigative sites to effect a consolidation in the clinical trials industry.
  • Worked with a large law firm to develop non-legal business ventures and structure a joint venture with a financial services firm.
  • Proposed and analyzed strategic options for the future of a family-owned business.
  • Prepared software company for sale, helped identify potential acquirers and advised the company in the sale process.
  • Consulted with the management and owners of a third generation family business regarding raising additional capital and other strategic issues.
  • Worked with investors, operators and a county hospital to develop an assisted living facility on the hospital’s health care campus.
  • Helped a hospital restructure its involvement in the long term care industry.
  • Worked with health care operators to acquire senior living facilities.
  • Advised Board of Directors and management of a high-tech firm with regard to company’s options in light of failure to meet projections that were the basis for an injection of venture capital.
  • Advised a community nonprofit organization with respect to the sale of its long term care facility.
  • Helped entrepreneurs with strategic issues and business plan for their technology business.
  • Identified and screened potential acquisitions for entrepreneurs interested in deploying their investment capital in operating businesses.
  • Advised the sole owner of a software company regarding the parameters of an equity compensation package to attract a key employee and negotiated the terms of employment.