Mosaic plans and leads complex projects that involve a mix of legal, financial and relationship issues.

By integrating and managing professional services, Mosaic can bring a deeper, more comprehensive perspective and achieve better outcomes with faster and more satisfying results—usually at lower cost.

These are some of the challenges with which Mosaic Consulting has helped clients:

“So many consultants think they need to have all the right answers. My goal is to ask the right questions. And to listen.”

– mark mutz

  • Succession planning
  • Discord within the family business
  • Formation of joint ventures & partnerships
  • Preparations to sell a business
  • Unwinding business relationships

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About Mark

Mark Mutz has helped clients with some of their most delicate and difficult challenges. Consistent insight, attentive listening and a unique background make Mark not only an efficient and effective leader but a trusted advisor and confidante. His work to help others find, clarify and act on their vocations deepens his work with clients and promises to enrich the professional, communal and personal lives of others.


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